Refreshing Pastors

Refreshing Our Pastors


Upcoming Event: Pastor, Spouse and Intercessor Prayer Summit
08 - 10 February 2010 - Registration Deadline: 30 January, 2010

The Better Place exists to serve as a place where pastors and other ministry leaders can partake of Sabbatical experiences that will result in their being renewed in spirit, soul and body. – Exodus 34:21

Board member, Maureen Schafer, visits with a pastor and his spouse at a Refreshment Breakfast

Board member, Maureen Schafer, visits with Rev. Carlos Llera of the Getsemani Church in Dunkirk, NY.

Average clergy health insurance costs are 65% higher than the national average. This is one symptom of the unrelieved stress clergy live with today.

When we purchase major appliances, lawn mowers, automobiles, computers or a number of other such things, they come with owner’s manuals. Included in such manuals are recommendations for routine maintenance. When the recommended maintenance is ignored the life of the item is shortened. – The Bible serves as an owner’s manual for the care of creation including the care and nurture of human beings. It was given to us by our “manufacturer” so we can live a blessed life characterized by excellent health and prosperity (Deuteronomy 28). Pastors know this. Pastors know that God commands Sabbath but pastors need help in this area (See the paper, Why The Better Place? and the section of that paper titled, “Even During Plowing Season and in Harvest.”)

Rev. Annette Hood and Board member, Sam Shreffler, at a Pastor’s Refreshment Breakfast

The Better Place Board Director, Sam Shreffler converses with Rev Annette Hood of the Jamestown, NY AME Zion Church.

The Better Place exists to provide Sabbath and Sabbatical opportunities for pastors. We exist to help pastors to develop good Sabbath habits and to equip them so they can, in turn, equip the Church in this vital practice of Christian living. – Once The Better Place has a campus with living facilities pastors and other ministry leaders will be welcome to come for a variety of Sabbath/Sabbatical experiences. The opportunities will be present for pastors who live near the campus to utilize its facilities at any time for their personal weekly Sabbath day or just for a morning or afternoon or other time period. The opportunity will be present for any pastor or ministry leader to stay in the lodge for a week or two weeks or even as long as a month. Houses will be available for pastors who come for a longer Sabbatical experience; even as long as a full year. – All of this takes money; money to build and maintain the facilities and money to endow staff positions so the opportunities may be offered to pastors at rates they can afford. If you would like to help with the money side of this ministry, go to Making a Contribution on this web site.

To help pastors and ministry leaders in the area of Sabbath we have listed some Available Opportunities and Upcoming Refreshing Events that are provided by The Better Place and by other ministries in our region.